Commencing Preschool

Preschool families attend an information session held in November of the year prior to the child starting preschool. They are invited to an interview with the Preschool teacher and the children are involved in a Stay and Play session, where they can meet the staff, become familiar with the physical surrounding and participate in preschool activities.

Preschool to Kindergarten

By enrolling your child into the O'Connor Cooperative School preschool unit your child will automatically move on to kindergarten in our school.  As with all transitions the staff will ensure that the move from preschool to kindergarten is successful.  To do this we have implemented a transition program for our preschool children.  This involves the children spending a number of sessions exploring in the Kindergarten room, familiarising themselves with the physical environment and routines. These occur during normal school hours.

Year 2 to Other Schools

The schools in our local area have strong links with the O'Connor Cooperative School. We work together to ensure all children transition into Year 3 successfully. We have opportunities to attend events in both Lyneham Primary School and Turner School throughout the year.  In Term 4 the children participate in visits to Lyneham Primary School or Turner School where they meet the teachers and other Year 2 children. If your child is intending to enrol in another school, then we welcome families to organise a time to visit their new school.

All children will be able to transition into Year 3 of an ACT public school if they live in the Priority Placement Area (PPA) for that school. Further information about PPA's can be found on the Directorate website at