Preschool Philosophy

Preschool Philosophy

(Created in partnership with educators, children and families)

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal People, the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school stands.
We belong to the O’Connor Cooperative School along with our families.
Our interests, values, cultures and passions are reflected within this space.
We are a community that spans generations and time.
We recognise those people that have gone before us and helped make the Co-Op what it is today.
We believe that we are resourceful, capable and that we can make a difference to this place and the world in which we live – both now and in the future.

We work to enrich the lives of those who walk through our gates by developing genuine reciprocal and respectful relationships.
These relationships form the basis of all that we do.
We believe that early childhood is:

When we play, we learn
When we learn, we observe, document, share, reflect and celebrate our successes.
We use these processes to build upon what we know and to  extend our learning.
We have patience, passion and perseverance to achieve our goals.
We smile, listen, sing, jump, dance, play and create. We respect our things and we cooperate.
We are proud of the community in which we live, play, work and learn.

Together we draw upon the strengths, talents and abilities of each individual, to establish a dynamic and rich community of learners.

Together we learn, together we grow.

We are, we are the Cooperative school, small and great.
What do we do at the Cooperative school?
We Cooperate!