Purpose and Vision

Together we learn, together we grow as safe, respectful and responsible learners


We work together with our community to develop every child to become a successful lifelong learner. We support the development of each child to become a confident and cooperative learner who works towards achieving their full potential. We provide quality education for children from Preschool to Year 2  through best practice using the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Framework and the Australian Curriculum.


O’Connor Cooperative School is committed to excellence in Early Childhood Education. We learn and grow together to create sustainable and cultural connections with each other and our environment. We foster creative, social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive identities and skills.

You will see:
  • A thriving collaborative school community where staff and families openly contribute as partners in children’s learning.
  • A safe, inclusive setting with flexible environments where wonder and curiosity are nurtured.
  • Strengths, identity and cultures of all members of our community recognised, respected and valued through positive community partnerships.
  • Healthy and sustainable learning practices.
  • Staff as educational leaders committed to flexible teaching and learning through Inquiry and Play-based approaches.
  • A whole school community approach to Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) where children, staff and families have the right and responsibility to be a safe and respectful citizen.