O’Connor Cooperative School Purpose and Vision


We work together with our community to develop every child to become a successful lifelong learner. We support the development of each child to become a confident and cooperative learner who works towards achieving their full potential.We provide quality education for children from Preschool to Year 2  through best practice using the Early Years Learning Framework and Australian Curriculum.


O’Connor Cooperative School is committed to excellence in early childhood education.  As a community of learners, we work together to create sustainable connections between each other and within our environment, developing intellectual, personal, social and environmental responsibility.Together we Learn; Together we Grow as Safe, Respectful Responsible Learners.

We value:

(No rank order of importance)

  • A thriving school community where staff and families openly work as willing partners
  • A safe, inclusive setting where the strengths and needs of all members of our school community are recognised, respected and valued.
  • A family-friendly environment where privacy of personal information is respected and safeguarded
  • The professionalism of staff as educational leaders committed to play-based best practice in early learning
  • A strong focus on a balanced literacy and numeracy program which is Embedded in all aspects of learning and teaching in our school.
  • The importance of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development - all the developmental domains.

Preschool Philosophy

Our preschool philosophy is created collaboratively between children, parents / carers and staff through a process of reflection and discussion. It captures many of the elements of the preschool program and values that make our preschool community unique.