Music Outreach Engagement Program

Music Outreach Engagement Program

The Music Outreach Engagement Program (MOEP) is based on Associate Professor Dr. Susan West's experience and research in music education, general education and music for well-being through both traditional and alternative pathways. The MOEP encourages music making as a part of the normal social and cultural lives of all participants, regardless of age, background, ability or skill level.

The MOEP is based on a social philosophy of shared, active music making known as the Music Outreach Principle. It promotes, but does not demand, high-level skills, and does not require expensive instruments or equipment to be effective. It offers an on-going musical pathway for all, regardless of perceived talent or previous experience. Skill development occurs as a natural by-product of joyful engagement, where performance is a stress-free part of the outreach approach.

As part of the MOEP, the school participates in system wide events such as the ACT Outreach Day, the 'MEP Big Gig' and 'Music: Count Us In'. Class groups undertake singing outreach with the local community. We have partnerships within our local community with  Black Mountain School and Morshead Home Lyneham.

All teaching staff at the O'Connor Cooperative School have undertaken professional learning in the MOEP approach to music making. The program's artistic director Dr Susan West works with the staff and children on a regular basis through class based work and during community singing.

Every Friday afternoon the children, parents and staff meet for community singing. This is a chance to share music making experiences. Community singing takes place from 2.30pm in Redgum Forest, our multipurpose room. We invite our community to join us!